Just Your Heart

Just Your Heart. It doesn’t take the rolling of a tombstone to set the flowers.

Our Activity and workshop phase one was done. You see, for a few years immediately post my  high school, I was actively involved in programs and projects that focused on young girls and women from various backgrounds training and offering various life skills and mentorship on diverse subjects. In the course of our work we went to launch one of the programs somewhere around western Kenya. At the time, I had a few errands to run in the office and in school so I was left behind, the rest of my colleagues having to go ahead. 

Our workshop site was a disabled children’s home let me call them children with special needs although majority of the participants were girls and teachers from neighboring schools only using the home facility as a workshop site while involving the children who were within the age bracket for the training we were offering. When teaching or mentoring you learn both ways it’s almost like reverse learning many times but those I learnt from most at that time were children from the home itself. The reason I became  inspired to write this.

The home holds 18 students all under special care with various needs. They are amazingly beautiful despite their physical deformities, readily smiling, packing great attitude. Others have crossing legs and appear really wobbly. When they try to move you almost want to run to their aid. Now, the amazing part is this; more than once, one of those with bent wobbly legs would step in and escort the ones on wheel chairs to class, bathroom, lunch. I felt warmed at heart just seeing them. We played a mocking ball games with them and my! One of them has great speed in his own way. The other is dumb and mute and crawls but her smile speaks her message clearly. Others you would  pass for toddlers but they actually teenagers going 13 and up.

This one evening we get a letter brought to our room. It had been written by the children from the Small Home. I looked at it and thought…beautiful handwriting! One of them had written down each of their messages to us including from the mute girl!

…”Even the mute girl she really also insisted we write this letter …she doesn’t talk or use gestures but we understand her by heart just the way you guys did when you came…you did not pity us but you cared for us and  we wish you stayed for months we haven’t heard enough of you! We have prayed for you and please do for us. Maybe we will meet in Nairobi but I hope we meet soon here…” read part of the letter.

Thinking about it then moved me to tears. I mean you do not have to have an abundance of things to change the world. You do not need money or the perfect body. Just your heart! In the short time I spent in that village counties away from home interacting with those young and adult souls alike, training and facilitating life skills sessions among them, I learnt so many things but this one lesson will tag to my heart more forever.

Do not touch or do anything with half a heart.

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