Circles of Life

You are conceived, born, you grow , you learn
You enjoy your youthful freedom until a time it appeals no more
When you find just as the rest of creation goes in twos,
You need your second, your other half
So you long you search you hopefully find…

Soon, two are made one
The two make one or two more who will also go through the same process the as two before them did.

One unexpected day,
One of them ceases to breathe and exist in the familiar form
But joins the soil point of origin
Grows the vegetation which attracts the rain and cool weather and so on.

Depending on the connection  with them and our personalities we react differently
Nothing ever prepares one even for the most expected of situations.
Nothing. Not how to deal. Not how to address after

At the same time, in another’s life, is a marriage taking place,
A conception in process
A birth, a birthday, a graduation, a redemption, a meeting of two longing hearts, a happy moment, a sad moment and ofcoz one that you have no idea how to rate…

All in the circles of the human life.
Like a sun rise and set so do things on repeat
moon’s consistent presence some things  remain standard
But again, all in the circles of life.


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