I Tell Of A Story

Today I tell of a story
A broken story
One of pain, many puzzles, some joys and gaps.
A story that leaves you confused
One that even the writer doesn’t understand.

Its a story of grace and comfort
A story of mysteries
Fought battles
And deeply kept and protected battle scars
A story where the writer wants to hang their boots because time for war is no more.
A story where you don’t know the difference between being allowed through pain and or betrayal from those supposed to be loved ones.

It goes that the writer’s memory effectively and selectively hides the plot even from the story teller
Because it’s scared to count the pain? I don’t know.
But I know in this story the teller doesn’t give up despite all the reasons they have.

In this story I have to tell,
It’s a story of journeys,
Voyages…. Of Faith ,
The Exodus with Revelation in the future
Some Proverbs in between to tide us over
Lots of Psalms to keep entertained around the story circle,
Not much know of the Genesis
And no sense of the Job.

Nevertheless it’s a story of the Exodus
And how through it all the Savior’s Love stuck in it.
So today,
I tell of a Savior
Not just a Savior but a Savior’s Love for me


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