Demand Or Free Will?

Its that season of the year when we GIVE gifts or even ASK what people would want for gifts. How do you usually approach it?

Yes gifts!
Something given to another voluntarily, without charge.
Something gained incidentally, without effort.’

Out of the generosity of your own heart
Out of what you have and are able

Why then have they now become demands?
What happened to the surprise element of it?
Is it because we no longer give to give
But give as a form of investment looking for some kind of return?
Or is it just a culture i seem to never understand?

Only make true sense
Only find true value
When appreciated in their;
-raw unexpected form
-without demand
-with no regard to its price tag
-without effort or soliciting for it

The true genuine joy in receiving it reciprocating the true genuine effort and intent in giving it is the true beauty of giving gifts.

Don’t ask what i want
At least never directly
For then, you’ll be forcing me to demand and solicit
Make it your mission
Your thought assignment
Let me accept or reject it for what it is of my own reasons
Don’t make me chose then call it a gift
Don’t attach conditions to it and call it a gift
Don’t give because you want something in return it could as well be blackmail
Don’t gift off a guilty conscience
Don’t  gift off half a heart
Don’t gift to be seen or gain favor
Do it freely,
With joy.



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