One Thing About Scars

One thing about scars is,
They are a permanent reminder of where you have been
Places, Experiences, People, Thoughts…

They are prove of survival
And maybe victory too.
Except, every time you see them,
It’s a reminder of that time.

You see,
While body scars you can’t help but notice and maybe keep from the world in dresses
Maybe you can correct them medically or hide in cosmetics
Perhaps even grow a new skin
They can easily be explained just maybe…


The scars in the soul,
Not often do they pop
But whoever looks into the eye might see
Because you wear your soul in your eyes…
Those are never easily explained corrected or understood.
While they might be hidden from the busy world,
Rarely can they be hidden from yourself
Except when your brain chooses selective memory then
Maybe you may be selectively thankful.

What remains interesting with scars of the soul
Your salvation is in confronting them
In sharing them with the right people
Except ain’t that just simple?

What remains common
While you may heal from them,
They are a permanent reminder
A caution to trade carefully ,
Trust selectively ,
Most importantly to verify the trust.
At least one good thing that comes out of it;
Are life lessons, hopefully never to be repeated
Are Testimonies,Are landmarks
For those after you to trade carefully.

One thing about scars remains ,
They are a permanent reminder of where you have been,
Places, Experiences, People, Thoughts…


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