Paradoxes of Life

When life is a gift, a gift to be enjoyed
Feels more like a loan,
A loan attached with uncertainty & unprecedented collection…
Where Whys don’t always lead to because but more Whys
When holding on is all you ever mostly do but other times letting go actually leads to a better hold…
What do you do?
But go where you might ask…
I too don’t know.
Perhaps forward however if forward is the wrong direction,
You just might want to step back or maybe aside.
It’s a movement nevertheless…
Be your own judge?
I don’t know either
What if your judgement is flawed
Your sight blinded
Your ears deafened
Your taste & touch all barred from it all because of the things around you?
Again i say keep searching keep looking keep… Hoping? Yeah that too & oh Keep asking.
Somewhere somehow you should be able to solve if not then understand all these and more paradoxes.

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