Reflections of An Observer

When we look at pictures, paintings, drawings, whatever, what do we see?
Reflections of An Observer. Be my guest…🔎


So, I looked at this beautiful capture he shared
And suddenly not just people in a frozen image at a terminal
But people going somewhere,
Going to do something,
Coming from something…
And that’s the beauty captured in one image.

Groups, cliques, excited body postures
Like they can’t wait to get there
I see a cue and some looking like
‘We need to get there already!
They are waiting…
They need me’

There’s chatter all around
But maybe someone managed to be right there but not there at all!
In the middle of a group but wishing elsewhere…

What’s their story?
If only pictures could talk but they kinda do right?

Pushing and dragging or just resting their bags
Thoughts wild and maybe its a first ride
So its supposed to be exciting right?
Maybe not!

Could be this one person going home after soo long ,
You only have memories of what was left behind; East or West home… Right?
Life might have taken you through thick and thin and all you want Is rest.

Or this wonderful couple just beginning life and yay wish them the best!
That tourist who wants explore this beautiful country and it’s terrain.
The other one going to work
The other who is at work counting down the hours with every tick of that clock

Different postures
Different expressions
Different stories
ONE CARRIAGE, ONE Destination Maybe…

Sometimes you know what awaits at the end
Other times you can only hope
Random times you have an idea
Isn’t this just how life looks like at a glance?
And when frozen in an image, you can only guess.
This too, is life.
But like the carriage you are about to board,
Keep going!

Everyone has their story
The observer can only either get creative or just freeze it in an image and maybe…pen or Is It the Keyboard nowadays?
You at the terminal could either strike up a conversation with the people around
Or , keep quiet-Your thoughts for company
You could chose to see the brighter side or well…the colored side too!


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