Through The Lenses Of Life

Have you ever looked back at things you wrote in the past and suddenly feel like you must have been writing in the future? Alot of the notes and thoughts i have shared on this blog so far were written months or even years ago. At the time, I identified with them this time, I resonate with them so deeply its almost unreal. As a result I have been searching for clues to see if I knew for sure that I will be going through some of these seasons right now;  and maybe i should change the title to Writing In The Future.  Who knows? 🙂
Through The Lenses Of Life
I’m looking through the lenses of life
Back to when the year began
Back to when it all began
When people listed to dos
When people listed resolutions
I had my dreams too…
I began in tears but chose to celebrate the life instead
I began in pain but chose to celebrate the miraculous healing I received
I’ve seen people come and go
Embrace and leave
Cut and knife
With tongue,  with words.
Loved ones go.
I’m left wondering
When did the world spin the other way?
I chose to sing grace
I chose to count my blessings
I chose to say thank you
I  chose to say through it all I look forward
I chose to see the great love for me
And your wondrous mercies
The reminders that You are always there
So I chose to give you glory
And so even though the lenses might seem blurred for the images they have received
I chose to give thanks
I chose to see You
I chose to love
To pray and
I chose to listen
To continue listening
To continue allowing your embrace
Your whispers
Your direction
Your warmth
Your guide
Even through the lenses of life, I chose to see You.

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