Just Because

I want to have equitable opportunities
Because I’m qualified
Because I have capacity
Because I can do it
Not because I’m satisfying statistics
Not because I’m making it easy for you to access opportunities
Not because I’m a girl
But just because I can
I want to study in higher institutions of learning
Competing for the same positions with my brothers on the exact same qualifications
Not because I’m a female
So my entries are lowered
That says something demeaning about my ability
I want to get there same way they do
Just because I can!
I will seat in a boardroom meeting
One with both males and females
Reason like equals with respect to individual abilities
And be seen beyond the chest and back sides
I am not a statistic
I refuse to fit the gap because you have no otherwise
I refuse to satisfy status quo
Do the natural things that come with us females that I’ll do
But refuse to be looked at because I am female
And something needs to be ‘changed’
Because I can.

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