Isn’t it amazing just how efficient
A few notes in repeated or alternated succession can make any song?

Just how how 3-4 minutes song can tell your whole story, or just a part of it…but,
In an incredibly excellent summary!
One that captures your emotions ever so efficiently.
One that counsels your soul better than any degreed professional
One that’s able to tear you into pieces, force you to look at them and finally put them in better perspective.
One that’s capable of drawing every and any specific emotions from you.

It can be a prayer, a plea, a praise, a therapy and just much more…
Like food to the body
Music feeds the soul
Worships and Praises the Divine
At the same time drawing poetry and sentiments for a loved and cared one
Just your fingers and an instrument
Or maybe just your voice box
Or just the incredible sounds of nature; achieves a note
A simple note with amazing power
Reducing every that which is high to low and the vice being equally true!


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