Loaned But Do You Know The Difference?

Everything we ever have is loaned to us the air we breath, those we love. We have no true claim. Infact every moment extra they have with us is a loan the owner can recall anytime – the gift that they are. Only then, do we often realize the Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda of things. Maybe we don’t have those C-S-Ws maybe we do. But why does it feel that we have a claim? Owner needed our permit?  That we are owed? Why is it so hard to feel happy for the owner finally having back that who or that which is rightfully His, even if we knew one day anything loaned will always be recalled? And that we can’t let go and deep within you burry things.

The whys, the hows just to know you know….Then there will be days you are grateful you were spared knowing the count down to the day when … such that you could maximize each blessed day and those you are not sure if the later was any better than being given a forewarning.

So ,everyday remains ever different and every turn would rather not because…but hey! And you know for the rest of your life you’ll have to deal with everything a piece at a time. Sometimes you’ll appear fine other times you’ll separate yourself from whatever it is just so that you appear fine or avoid those things that suddenly swim in your head and heart that make you realize ‘Snap! You mean I haven’t dealt with that yet. Do I have to? Like right now?’ Then part of you goes like no better time like now but I can’t promise you we won’t be back here just incase.

Well… call it MwandiSheTravels- Her Life’s Journey Written.

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