Just An Ear and Maybe A Hand too

You know those Social Media groups you sometimes  find yourself having interesting conversations with people and it sparks something in you? Back in 2014, i was in such a group which in most cases happens to interestingly be with people on various time zones so this chat happened in my night time however I  honestly do not remember what the subject of conversation was  except i recall two of my faith siblings steering the conversation.

But as i lay on that bed reviewing what we were discussing i could hear and see the emotions through the various responses intertwining. People were  being given the once in a while space to just be and bear their hearts out- a genuine occasional need. A safe space they found at that moment. People are hurting in all forms and ways that often do not seem obvious. When you can be an oasis to another, be that because it might be all the saving grace they need. Maybe just an ear and if you can extend the hand too. Inspired and overwhelmed, i ended up with what’s written below.


I wish I could promise you  Heaven

I wish I could erase history . That painful one that makes you wanna run ,

pray  the earth opens and swallows you alive!

I wish I had the means, I would change your circumstances

Just to see you smile again!

Its bad enough when I see you smile, talk and chat but I feel your words and I feel the hurt in them.

I feel the masquerade

The un-shed tears, the ‘I wish I knew’

But if you did, ‘will you walk away? will it set me free?

Would the Love of Jesus be enough to make you stay?

Yes! That famous song, screened glass masquerade 

Everyday feels like  on a sacrificial alter

Every way feels like a wrong way

But i keep moving on, hoping someday, I can make sense of this.

I’m all  alone!Why?

I need to talk but how?

So, my lips move i don’t realize it but i’m talking

Are You there? Are you listening?

Oh God!

They’ll now think I’m crazy but away with them! They don’t know how i feel.

Its hard enough to be on this path.

I’d love to see an oasis or maybe a spring in this desert.

Maybe a lovely shade? I’ll take a smooth stone , set it under my head and talk to the wind and the tree until i fall asleep.

Here I am. Just don’t know who is who but I’m here anyway.

Trying yo fit in and sound like you

Hope you don’t  notice, hope you don’t ask hope…

But I’d love to know You care, You listen, just an ear is all i ask for

A trusting one.

How long shall a man walk through dry path?

No matter what, hold my hand. Don’t let me go O’ God

Carry me, hide me, my fears, my tears.

Your Grace!

      01:15 , 22nd-January-2014






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