In My Daughter’s Eyes

In My Daughter’s Eyes

A song that I loved yet caused me deep chills for years. Just one of the many songs.
But the truth in this one’s lyrics cuts and reaches deep. The rare times we heard this song play over the radio while we were together, she would give me a look that would say alot of things that felt so deep and intense you could not capture in words. I would promptly look away because why should we talk about such things? Cue -change subject.

During those random impromptu moments I felt like a prima donna singing one song after another, in my very own version of self proclaimed Karaoke  DJ; I  made sure that songs like this did not feature. Had  they held a defiant protest at the tip of my tongue,  I would then sing them in whispers because  I saw and heard right through the lyrics.

I got chills because it said one day she’ll get off this physical plane and leave me-us to run this race alone, (ofcoz you get what I mean without her physical irreplaceable presence). A race I’ve hopped we’d run together her pace, slowing with age but still full of energy and love as usual and mine increasing in both. Even though sometimes she’d hint the exit and be thoroughly honest about it in her wise-here is the way forward kinda way, who wants to accept such a possibility?
One thing she kept telling us (her children) and to every child she adopted and embraced and their parents especially mothers ‘On this earth we have no contract of permanency with our children. So we teach you everything we can and how to solve problems be independent and importantly have deep faith. Do it as urgently as if this moment was our last. Be careful what we utter that it doesn’t cut or break them. Guide them with love and firmness. When we go,we don’t know what will happen after in their lives at least not for now unless you are lucky to see small bits ahead. But still commit them to God and pray for them plus even your future children through the marriage of your own bless them even before you get to meet them or your children are old enough to think about such. As for  you children, don’t live as though you have forever with us. Parents and elders transfer history, tell them the truth. They should know their foundation then they will learn their lessons’.

Memories we cherish , guard jealously and are careful to never see it adulterated. Stories we put together for the little ones she often spoke about in a certain future. This way they would always feel as if they are rocking at her feet or sitting on a mat outside in the night and under a bright moon probably next to a small fire as she tells them stories just like she did with us. Except it will be through us hopefully not only those she birthed off her womb but also those she did off her heart and faith.

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