Visions To The Young, Dreams To The Old

One of those rare random Mondays I get to have a ‘break‘ and this is the thought that came to my mind. Honestly, can’t tell exactly what I was thinking before this thought – no wait maybe I do, maybe I just do not know how to write down the preceding thought yet but It was about the young and ‘old‘ are seeing things from completely different perspectives where the younger one might actually be right but the older one insists their ‘experiences in life‘ automatically translate to always right always know.

For now,  here is the conclusion from the discussion I had with the private committee inside my head.

The Challenge With Wisdom in the Young, Is that Experience in the Aged tends to dismiss the former, blinding the later making them rigid to their flows and ways thus casting the younger back to the place of ‘youthful thinking, hormonal, emotional, inexperienced, unexposed, unsteady-disrespectful’.

Yet we are reminded that it is well written

“And afterward,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,  your young men will see visions.’

– Joel 2:28 and for good measure, it is repeated in Acts 2:17    

Between the two, I’d like to believe Visions run the longer mile & Dreams take the shortest life relays.

I remember some days my seniors and I would not agree on certain things then my Momma and I would have a lengthy one on this verse then and others then finally arrive at the gate of agreed. This goes without saying that this verse has been a subject of conversation in my head’s private committee camps for years now.

How about we just listen to each other? Cast the experience ego aside because what if its a lesson to learn of what we should never be? Then draw clearer pictures of the Visions that will take us running until dreams are all we have left to muse about?

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