Are We Really that Helpless..

Wisemen Chronicles

I read something that has left me severely disturbed for the last few days. A few weeks ago, there was an outrage when a first year student at one of our prestigious public universities (scoffs) was stabbed to death during a robbery incident. I doubt any of us can even begin to fathom what her family must be going through in their effort to understand how their little one left this earth so suddenly and so violently. This is one in a score of similar incidents that are leaving victims either dead or heavily maimed.

A journalist set out to do a story on this gang that is causing such distress. He found the actual guy who murdered that first year student and they agreed to an interview. However, a few days to the set date, the fellow was nabbed by passersby as he attempted to rob another victim. He…

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Just An Ear and Maybe A Hand too

You know those Social Media groups you sometimes  find yourself having interesting conversations with people and it sparks something in you? Back in 2014, i was in such a group which in most cases happens to interestingly be with people on various time zones so this chat happened in my night time however I  honestly …

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